The Labryrinth. . . spiral to the center of ourselves!

For thousands of years labyrinths around the world have served as meditation wheels and portals to a higher plane of consciousness.

The labryrinth at No Cabbages Bed and Breakfast is available for those who wish to rebalance and reconnect with healing and calming Earth energy. Walk the winding path amidst the free-flowing oxygen of the tall trees, ferns and mosses... just a stone's throw from the saltwater wonder of Puget Sound. Listen to the birds and the breeze through the branches. Draw in the lifeforce of abundant nature as you travel inward and outward on a journey through the labyrinth. Surrender to the benevolent spirits of the forest and the Great Spirit that pervades all. Allow your mind and body to breathe in the peace and tranquility of the setting and the act of spiraling. Enjoy!

Visitor Comments:
"Jamee, I stopped by this afternoon and walked your lovely labyrinth. Awesome. How can I thank you for your labyrinth hospitality and generosity? Your gratitude stone in the center said it for me! Powerful stuff! And I absolutely loved your "surrender" stone on the path leading into the labyrinth. When nearing the center, I happened to look up just as a low flying eagle flew overhead. Magnificent moment. I'd love to meet you and hear your labyrinth journey - and how you determined to build a labyrinth on your property. Again, my heartfelt thanks for this afternoon's amazing experience."
Sandy Bochonok

"Dear Jamee, Thank you for the wonderful morning we spent together at your incredibly tranquil spot. From the moment I entered the drive I was overwhelmed (in a great way!) by serenity. Everything about your home and surrounds puts one at ease, inviting the weary traveler to take a deep breath and exhale his troubles into the clean, fresh air. Such air it is, my dear! Pure, and mixed with the essence of sea and forest. I thank you for the opportunity to have experienced the peace of strolling through your so-beautifully constructed labyrinth. I'd never walked one before and yours looks as though it's been there for many wonderful years. I could feel myself decompress with each step, breathing that air and listening to the many birds sing their songs of joy. I wish everyone could feel what I did that gorgeous spring day. You, your husband and serene bed and breakfast are a gift to Gig Harbor. I will make certain to treat myself again very soon to your warm and loving hospitality."
Most Sincerely,
Pamm Bird


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